Bootstrap - The Future of Algebra

In this session, you will need a laptop or chromebook to access and utilize the programming environment. 90% of this session will be low-tech, though. We will mainly be focusing on the pedagogy of using Circles of Evaluation and the Design Recipe to teach and reinforce concepts like: order of operations, domain/range, functions, and solving word problems.

Teach your students to code and reinforce their Algebra skills using this FREE Common Core aligned curriculum. Students can login using their Google accounts and write, compile, and troubleshoot their code with WeScheme, a cloud based programming environment. Your students will program their own video game using code and Algebra(order of operations, linear equations, piecewise functions, compound inequalities, and distance formula).

You can access the slide deck and the hyperdoc below.

BootStrap - #CUERockStar

Here is the HyperDoc full of resources:

Bootstrap - Hyperdoc