Game of Chromes - Ed Campos @edcamposjr

Welcome to the Game of Chromes!

For this session, you will either need to have:
1. A Chromebook
2. Installed the Chrome browser here

Get familiar with of all the products in the massive Chrome family but get up close and personal with the Chrome browser and The Chromebook. Make the change to using the Chrome browser and increase efficiency and valuable instructional time by signing into Chrome & using extensions and Omnibox tricks. Maximize the engagement of a 1:1 Chromebook classroom by taking advantage of the best and most useful Chrome apps and extensions. Attendees will get hands on practice using several apps/extensions and sharing and collaborating with various Formative asssesment web tools. Learn how to download offline apps & enable offline Drive and Docs. Become a believer that the Chromebook is your schools best and most economically viable 1:1 solution. This session is targeted for beginners/intermediate looking to learn best practices to use with the Chrome Browser, Chromebooks, and uses in the classroom.

All the sessions resources and slides are available in the HyperDoc below. Fee free to make a copy for yourself.

Game Of Chromes - Hyperdoc